As many people who have been through deportation can attest, to call it devastating is often a mild way of putting what deportation does to an individual and their family. For non-citizens, staying in the United States is seen as a privilege, not a right. This means that any non-citizen of the United States can potentially be deported for a number of reasons, despite possession of a green card or valid visa. Deportation and removal lawyers can assist those non-citizens subject to possible deportation

Any non-citizen charged with fraud or other criminal activity is subject to deportation.

These charges may include but are not limited to:



    Entering the United States without a visa.



    Felony possession of narcotics.



    Misrepresenting facts or other fraudulent acts by non-citizens in pursuit of a visa or green card.



    Violent criminal charges resulting in imprisonment of more than five years.


Before deportation can take place, immigrants are supposed to be given the opportunity to go before an immigration judge and present their case. If you have been notified of deportation proceedings against you, you may still have options. Deportation lawyers are trained to use different techniques that may be able to postpone or even cancel your deportation. These possible solutions do not apply to everyone. If you have been convicted of felony charges, avoiding deportation will be more difficult. With what is at stake, it is often highly recommend that someone facing deportation have the representation of a lawyer during their proceedings to increase their chances of success.

If you have been present in the US for seven or more years, are of good moral character, and can prove that deportation would cause you extreme hardship, you may qualify for suspended deportation. If you can prove a well-founded reason to believe that you will face persecution due to your race, religion, political views, group affiliation or nationality, you may be eligible for asylum. Under the same circumstances, you may be eligible for withholding your deportation. However, this does not allow permanent residency and you may still be deported to a country that is not your homeland.

If you face the possibility of deportation, know that there is still hope. Deportation lawyers have helped many avoid deportation that could have devastated them and their families.

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