Credentials Matter

When looking for an immigration lawyer in Washington DC, be confident that you are being represented by lawyers with the right amount of knowledge and experience to assist you with your immigration case. Whether you wish to gain access for yourself, your family, your soon-to-be family or to avoid losing your cherished residency here, the stakes are high, and you know that. The outcome may have an enormous effect on the rest of your life (starting with where you spend it), and you would be ill-advised to leave that decision to chance — or worse yet, a lawyer who doesn’t know how to help you. That is why our Washington DC immigration lawyers recommend that you base your decision about which lawyers to hire on years of experience, recommendations and referrals, and philosophy.

Years of Experience

Experience is key when it comes to hiring the lawyers that will represent and defend you. Immigration law is particularly complex, and, depending on where you are from, the laws can be stern and not particularly in your favor. Each year, the United States has a cap on the number of green cards or visas they can hand out for certain types of immigration, so you should hire the lawyers who know the fundamentals  of immigration law for the best chances of success in your case.

Recommendations and Referrals

It is always a pleasure to find that our previous satisfied customers hold our name in high regard — high enough to recommend our services to their friends and family. Because close relatives tend to follow each other around, we often find opportunities to help family members of our previous clients reunite in the United States, allowing them the ability to remain together as they start a new chapter of their lives. We are confident that our clients recommend us when friends and family members of theirs are in need of immigration lawyers. We also find that respected lawyers who practice other areas of law trust in our abilities and refer those in need of immigration law services to us. Our Washington DC immigration lawyers take our referrals and recommendations very seriously.


Little illustrates more about a lawyer than the philosophy that lawyer works by. What is your lawyers goal? Why does your lawyer practice immigration law? The philosophy of our Washington DC immigration lawyers is simple: we wish to eliminate the stress our clients face, first by allowing them to feel confident that responsible, hardworking and knowledgeable lawyers are working diligently on their cases, and second by our lawyers’ courteous and empathetic demeanor, involving and consulting clients when necessary but never overbearingly. The process is often long and drawn out. Our clients are bombarded with bureaucratic restrictions and tedious paperwork. It can be difficult, but with the help of our lawyers, it doesn’t have to be. First and foremost, of course, we want to ensure that your case is successful. We also wish to alleviate stressors. To do this, we will fully communicate any progress, questions or predictions we have, yet we won’t ask anything of you that is unnecessary.

We are confident you will be impressed with our referrals and recommendations, our years of experience and accumulated knowledge, and our straightforward philosophy. If you are searching for an immigration lawyer, search our website for the detailed information you need. If you have all the information you need, contact our Washington DC immigration lawyers for a case evaluation.


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