Deportation Immigration Lawyers in Washington DC

Our deportation immigration lawyers in Washington, DC understand that deportation can be a traumatic and overwhelming process. Over 300,000 individuals are currently in the process of dealing with deportation proceedings. The act of deportation occurs when the United States government decides that a foreign born individual, for whatever reason, is no longer allowed in the United States, and then legally removes the individual from the country. Unfortunately, anyone who is not a U.S. citizen, even those individuals who possess a green card, are eligible for deportation. Immigration law is quite complex, and it can be very frightening to go up against the United States government.

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The reasons for needing a deportation immigration attorney can vary depending on the situation, and often those persons being deported are confused about why they are being forced to leave. Whatever the circumstance, the process can be quite terrifying and wreck havoc on an individual and his or her family. Our law firm offers Deportation Immigration Lawyers specific to the Washington DC area. Regardless of your situation, we’re dedicated to providing you and your family with the assistance you need.As state before, there are several circumstances that can lead to an individual being forced to undergo deportation. These can include things as serious as drug trafficking or murder to situations as innocent as forgetting to inform the United States Government of an address change.

If you think that the immigration authorities have made a mistake,or that you have legal grounds to stay living in the United States, you will want to contact a deportation attorney.Immigration lawyers with experience specific to deportation will be able to discuss the possible options for a person threatened with deportation proceedings. Our lawyers are
aware of the different ways an individual may be able to avoid deportation. These methods include, but are not limited to:

    • Suspended deportation (In this situation, individuals may be able to apply for more a more permanent status)
    • Asylum (Granted when the person being persecuted due to race, nationality, religion, political opinion, or membership in a specific social group)
    • Withholding deportation
    • Adjustment of status
    • Voluntary departure

While the list above describes more common ways of immediately avoiding deportation, your lawyer will likely be able to find possibilities specific to your case. All possibilities will depend on the circumstances of your immigration and the reason for deportation. As you can see, deportation cases are complicated and involve a great deal of exceptions and details. Our DC law firm is aware of these rules and regulations, and prepared to work with clients in all sorts of situations. Our DC immigration lawyers have experience specific to deportation, and success rates that prove their skill. We’re also outstanding communicators, and have the necessary people skills to discuss solutions with clients and get serious with the law system. Our knowledge of the current immigration legal system and familiarity with legal jargon equip our team to handle complicated cases. If you or someone you love is undergoing the threat of deportation, do not hesitate to contact our DC deportation immigration attorney offices. Our law firm will help set you up with an attorney specific to your needs, and work to find a solution for you and your family.

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