Canada Immigration Attorneys in Washington, DC

At our DC-based law firm, we often encounter individuals who are attempting to immigrate from Canada to the United States. This time of immigration is quite common, and therefore individuals who wish to undergo or have undergone the process should feel at ease. Also read: Washington, DC Immigration Lawyer | Filipino Immigration Lawyers | Green Card Immigration Lawyers | Deportation Immigration Lawyers Persons experiencing Canada to USA immigration include, but are not limited to:

    • canada immigration lawyers washington dcCanadians marrying an American and who wish to apply for their green card
    • Canadians engaged to an American who wish to apply for a K-1 fiance visa card
    • Canadian artists, entertainers, actors, and actresses looking to apply for their O-1 extraordinary ability visa
    • Canadians who have job offers for employment in the United States and therefore need their H-1B visa
    • Canadians interested in investing in certain businesses within the United States and looking to apply for their E-2 treaty investor or a treaty-trader visa
    • Canadians who wish to apply for dual US/American and Canadian citizenship
    • Canadians interested in applying for a green card

As you can see, the list of individuals interested in immigration from Canada to the United States is quite long. While this type of immigration is quite common, it’s still important that you find an immigration lawyer who can best serve your individual needs. At our law firm, we provide Canada Immigration attorneys specific to the Washington, DC area. If you’re looking for a superior immigration lawyer with experience and proven results, you’ve come to the right place. Our law-firm with set you up with a dedicated lawyer and help you work through your case in a timely fashion. Selecting the right law firm can be very overwhelming. While some firms provide attorneys prepared to navigate immigration law cases, not all have lawyers that have experience with immigration specifically from Canada to the United States. Our law firm is different. At our Washington DC law firm, we offer immigration attorneys with knowledge and experience precisely relating to Canada to United States immigration.Our lawyers posses the qualities necessary to ensure the results you desire. Are there exceptions or specific rules for individuals emigrating from Canada to the United States? Yes. Emigrating from Canada to the United States is a much different process than if an individual were to emigrate to the United States from another country. There are certain benefits and provisions created specifically for individuals in this situation. If you or your family is planning on moving to the United States, it’s important to explore these options in order to insure that you get the benefits you deserve. Our DC law firm is completely up to speed on all current immigration laws, including those specific to Canada to United States immigration. If you’re in the process of moving from Canada to the United States, our law firm is a perfect choice. We’ll set you up with a Canada specific immigration attorney who will help you feel comfortable and care free through the complicated legal process.For more information on Canada Immigration Attorneys in Washington DC, contact our law firm today.

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